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NCR Network and Security Services (NSS)

Address risks proactively without impacting day to day business activities.
NCR Network and Security Services offers a multi-layered defense solution to help business operators secure their networks, detect security risks and threats, prevent security compromises all while engaging customers and enabling web activity reporting.

Engage customers with secure Wi-Fi capabilities
The modern consumer relies on mobile access to the Internet and often chooses where they want to do business based on connectivity availability. NCR Network and Security Services empowers you to offer your customers Wi-Fi that minimizes abuse and ensures that your mission-critical applications aren’t negatively impacted. Through offering guest WiFi you can leverage in-store, real-time marketing through branded pages where you can share information about your business. In addition, you can capture customer data points including e-mail addresses, phone number, name, and more to build your database. Now you can offer another way for guests to sign-up for your loyalty program or even require guests to provide a loyalty number to gain access to the Internet at your business. Offering guest Wi-Fi through NCR Network and Security Services also gives you the capability to capture valuable customer feedback though a survey sent to customers after they have accessed the Wi-Fi network.

Web activity reporting delivered on demand
PDF versions of reports and charts showing activity can be delivered to operators by request. Reports include tracking the top visited sites, number of hits to sites, and activities within categories.

Enhance employee productivity and reduce diversions
NCR Network and Security Services helps you keep your staff productive by giving you the power to automatically control websites that staff can visit. Restricting access to improper, dangerous, or otherwise undesirable websites helps protect your business against legal risks, Internet attacks and malicious software.

Improve the customer experience and strengthen your business
Successful businesses are employing increasingly sophisticated solutions to interact with customers, process payments, maintain inventory, and report on mission critical operational issues in real-time. NCR Network and Security Services-managed networking equipment and system oversight provides powerful IT infrastructure, so you can take advantage of the latest technologies to support your business objectives.

Lower your IT operational costs
Network and Security Services integrates several security measures to safeguard your systems from unintended changes due to malicious software, other Internet threats or employee error, which helps increase the rate of incidents that disrupt business operations and reduce the cost of unexpected support.

Secure reputation and customer data with PCI compliance
Internet attackers can attack IT infrastructure of organizations large and small, threatening business reputation and exposing to unexpected fines. Network and Security Services security controls help protect against data breaches while helping you address many PCI compliance requirements.

Ease deployment and improve reliability with tight NCR integration
NCR Network and Security Services is designed to integrate across NCR products and services providing you with reliable operations including POS terminals, mobile and wireless solutions, customer outreach services and more.