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Restaurant Employee Theft Deterrence

NCR Aloha Restaurant Guard is an application that deters theft by alerting you to potential fraudulent activity at your restaurant. Our employee theft deterrence software monitors all POS transactional data in real-time for evidence of more than a dozen common restaurant scams and generates reports you can use to take immediate corrective action. In addition to reducing fraud and protecting your bottom line, our employee theft deterrence software can help:

Increase profits
Our employee theft deterrence software helps protect your restaurant’s profits and margins by identifying fraudulent activity at the point-of-sale.

Improve operational efficiency
NCR Aloha Restaurant Guard eliminates the need for manual analysis by generating alerts that include actionable data and history. Real-time monitoring helps prevent and minimize fraud losses.

Increase visibility and control
Improve controls without impacting the guest experience. NCR Aloha Restaurant Guard identifies current fraud trends and helps you prevent their reoccurrence.

Identify your best and worst employees
With employee performance reports included, it’s easy to determine your best and worst performing servers and cashiers. Make the staffing decisions necessary to foster employee engagement, creating a healthy workplace and motivating your top performers.