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Restaurant Digital Signage

NCR indoor and outdoor digital signage options deliver restaurant menu boards, nutrition and promotional information that can be updated in real-time and changed automatically throughout the day. Additionally, our restaurant menu boards can be used to promote new products, increase order accuracy, communicate drive-through times to customers and support other branding efforts.

We also offer drive-through products, including an order confirmation board and timer. Our backlit order confirmation display uses the latest in green technology to reduce electricity usage and increase visibility in direct sunlight. Benefits include:

Reduce costs
Digital menu boards are faster and cheaper to update than traditional static printing. They also make it easier to experiment with promotions and other marketing initiatives.

Shorten turnaround times
Our restaurant menu boards facilitate customer communication, resulting in shorter perceived wait times and an enhanced dining experience.

Improve operations
Our solution helps you control menu prices and promote new products for any restaurant from one central location.  Easily incorporate digital menu boards into new builds or retro-fit into existing restaurants.

Increase sales
Encourage impulse purchases at point of sale via eye-catching graphics and overcome space and item change limitations of standard backlit boards.