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Performance Touch POS Terminals


The P1560 (15 inches) and P1760 (17 inches) offer a wide range of features and combine a retail-hardened design with the latest high performance open technology. NCR’s approach to touch screen POS terminal technology is simple: focused innovation for non-stop sales reliability.  Benefits include:

Improving speed of service
Increase customer throughput, enhance order accuracy and significantly reduce worker training with these high functionality touch screen POS terminals. Both machines provide touch screen technology, a graphical order confirmation display, and multi-media and stereo sound to accelerate service.

Maximizing system uptime
The P1560 (15 inches) and P1760 (17 inches) are built for non-stop reliability, offering features such as passive cooling, cable management and solid-state electronics.  In addition, they offer broader CPU options, multiple cash drawers, advanced port accessibility and other options.

Increasing flexibility and support
Our POS terminals integrate easily with software, peripherals, and other technology systems. We offer competitively priced support and maintenance programs – ranging from advanced exchange to 24-hour on-site support.